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Working with Architects, Contractors and Private Builders to get the most out of your EarthBag project.


With minimum skills required, anybody can become an EarthBag Builder


Implementation and execution of origional concept and design.


EarthKaya is dedicated in providing low cost, low impact, earthbag building solutions in South Africa. 

Less time, less impact, less cost.

In a world where organic is more expensive than traditional crops, solar panels are often costly to install and electric cars inconvenient to run, many people may be reluctant to ‘go green’ at home.

But imagine a process of home building that is more economical than traditional methods, equally as sound structurally, well-insulated, sound-absorbent, releases less CO2 emissions than brick homes and reduces the carbon footprint by 70%.  

EarthKaya does just that by creating structures using locally produced earthbags which are coated with small amounts of cement or optionally an environmentally-friendly plaster such as adobe or special lime after building.

Earthbag homes are resistant to wind, sun and water vapour, remain cool in summer and warm in winter, are non-corrosive and rot-free, meaning no pesky termite problems.

Thinking of low cost earthbag building? Contact us today.